Ribbon Comparison – Taffetas


Taffeta is a type of plain weave ribbon. The warp and weft pass over and under each other at even intervals at right angles.

A & B – Original Silk Taffeta Ribbons

C – 100% Silk Taffeta (from Ebay Seller BonBonT)

D – 100% Silk Taffeta (from Dharma)

E – Vintage Rayon Taffeta (from Pam Robles)

F – Ombre, wired polyester (from Timely Tresses)

G – 100% silk taffeta fabric with minor slubs.


Ribbon Comparison from PDF Tafetta

*This is one of the image sets I lost. I am still trying to find the original photo and scan*

The twist and ply of the threads, the tightness of the weave,and the finishing process all contribute to the hand and body of a taffeta ribbon. The pink silk ribbon (A) has a very soft hand and is thin. The black silk ribbon (B) on the other hand has much more body and is a bit thicker. A has a looser weave than B. B may have a finish to it. If A did, it has been washed out at some point. This may be the case since this ribbon has some puckering to it. The silk ribbon, D, is most similar in overall feel to a ¾” wide pink taffeta ribbon I have on a child’s silk cap. It has a very soft and delicate feel to it. Under magnification, D has the closest weave to A out of the ribbons shown. The vintage rayon ribbon (E) has a different finish to it, making it not as soft as the original silk ribbons. I think this ribbon has 4 ply tram, possibly contributing to the thickness. It does move similarly though, when arranged and tied. The ombre ribbon (F) has a shimmer that the silk ribbons do not have, which appears in the above photograph. F has a nice feel but I am not sure what body it will have if the wires are removed. The ribbon made from silk fabric (G) is not hemmed, rather treated with a glue fixative. This takes out the softness of the ribbon making it more stiff. Depending on your goals, this could be an option.

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