Pink Stripe – Woven

This pink stripe is likely early Edwardian. The pink is characteristic of that early part of the 20th century. What I like about this ribbon is that is shows a ribbing running the length of the ribbon rather than across like most gros grains. The raised sections on this ribbon are created with a thicker warp thread. The best I can tell from the frayed edge is that there are three different thicknesses to the warp in this ribbon, the pink being the thinnest.

ribbon 1

My Favorite – Embroidered

This is one of my favorite ribbons.

This embroidered ribbon is 4 7/8 inches wide. The ground is ground is black with blue vertical and horizontal striped and embroidered wreathes in yellow, reds, green and blues. The ribbon has a satin weave with short floats while the vertical blue stripe has longer floats. The horizontal stripe has a small check design.  These wreaths are very fine and add little bulk to the ribbon. I currently think this is likely a post Civil War ribbon.

ribbon 11 front

ribbon 11 back

Mystery Ribbon

Mystery Ribbon

This is one of my mystery ribbons that I haven’t been able to track back yet. It is a brown jacquard weave. The ‘ground’ is striped. The blobs, for a lack of a better word, have a similarity to some fabrics. The combination makes a very interesting ribbon. The edge of the ribbon have the two browns from the ribbon plus a narrow red.

ribbon 2 front

ribbon 2 back