An Assortment of Ribbons

Ribbons from the Greene Collection at the Genesee Country Village

Ribbons from the Greene Collection at the Genesee Country Village

Among the extensive Susan Greene Collection at the Genesee Country Village, we can find many millinery ribbons.This set of ribbons samples what can be found. Left to right, we have a floral center on white ground with pink savages, a taffeta stripe, an off white ribbon with greens and red woven stripes (I need to go back to see whether this is a satin or taffeta weave), a fabulous green and white ribbon showing plaid and moire sections separated by Jacquard woven stripes which are raised, a striped taffeta ribbon with satin stripes running across the ribbon.

Striped Moire in Purple

This striped Moiré ribbon is 3 ½ inches wide with a white ground and purple stripes running the length of the ribbon. This ribbon has been cut into several short sections with two longer sections. There is a light texture to the weave that borderlines gros grain. The ribbon has firm body.

ribbon 13

My Favorite – Embroidered

This is one of my favorite ribbons.

This embroidered ribbon is 4 7/8 inches wide. The ground is ground is black with blue vertical and horizontal striped and embroidered wreathes in yellow, reds, green and blues. The ribbon has a satin weave with short floats while the vertical blue stripe has longer floats. The horizontal stripe has a small check design.  These wreaths are very fine and add little bulk to the ribbon. I currently think this is likely a post Civil War ribbon.

ribbon 11 front

ribbon 11 back

Mystery Ribbon

Mystery Ribbon

This is one of my mystery ribbons that I haven’t been able to track back yet. It is a brown jacquard weave. The ‘ground’ is striped. The blobs, for a lack of a better word, have a similarity to some fabrics. The combination makes a very interesting ribbon. The edge of the ribbon have the two browns from the ribbon plus a narrow red.

ribbon 2 front

ribbon 2 back