Striped Moire in Purple

This striped Moiré ribbon is 3 ½ inches wide with a white ground and purple stripes running the length of the ribbon. This ribbon has been cut into several short sections with two longer sections. There is a light texture to the weave that borderlines gros grain. The ribbon has firm body.

ribbon 13

Plaid and Water Damage

This is an interesting ribbon because, besides being a nice plaid, it gives us a chance to look at a few different things. The most obvious is the damage water staining can do to silk. There are several spots throughout this ribbon. Next is the plaid itself. Notice the plaid is on the grain. For bonnet ribbons, you do not want plaid cut on the bias. (The curtain/bavolet can be cut on the bias.) If you can look close at the ribbon (check in the lower right of you Explorer window for the zoom feature), take a look at the subtlties the change in weave can enhance the lines. Next look at the wider blue and wider brown areas. These have a varigated look created with gradiated tones of warp threads. In modern terms we call this ombre.

ribbon 12 front

ribbon 12 back

Mystery Ribbon

Mystery Ribbon

This is one of my mystery ribbons that I haven’t been able to track back yet. It is a brown jacquard weave. The ‘ground’ is striped. The blobs, for a lack of a better word, have a similarity to some fabrics. The combination makes a very interesting ribbon. The edge of the ribbon have the two browns from the ribbon plus a narrow red.

ribbon 2 front

ribbon 2 back